Free education

How it all began

Mango Tree Learning Centre was founded in 2012 by Jessica K and Claes J Norrby together with Malindi Community, as a product of the Mama Wa Miti non-profit organization. The school began as a very small scale project - with a few teachers providing basic education in the shade of a mango tree.


Today there are around 10 teachers and 200 children attending the school. The facilities is made out of mud and sticks and function as basic shelter against rain and wind, but new ones are under construction. The school is able to provide free education, materials and a daily meals for all the kids.
Although the learning centre is still very primitive, it has already changed the lives of many children for the better, and hopefully this is only the beginning.


"To provide children with education which is free and not rooted in cultural or religious beliefs, by qualified and dedicated teachers, in a safe and open environment"


"By combining local resources, external expertise and people's passion we want to continuously improve the quality of the education, facilities and capacity of Mango Tree School"